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Sonoran Desert Plants, saguaro, wildflowers
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A Saguaro amongst boulders near Florence, AZ The Sonoran Desert

Scant rainfall, low humidity, and sparse vegetation characterize deserts.

When most people imagine what a desert looks like, the deserts they may envision are miles of sand dunes, cow skulls, an occasional saguaro cactus, and a delusional, ragged man searching for water.

While some deserts actually do have miles of sand dunes and the occasional cow skull and delusional person, this image is not entirely true. Deserts have immense diversity: each desert has it's own unique species and environments.

There are four great deserts located on the North American Continent: the Mojave, the Chihuahuan, the Great Basin, and the Sonoran.

Canyon hiking in the Tucson Mountains
Poppies growing out of lava rock at Picacho Peak Of these four deserts, the Sonoran Desert is the most rich in species of plants and animals, and a broad diversity of environments.

The Sonoran Desert covers 120,000 square miles encompassing southwestern Arizona, the State of Sonora, Mexico, most of the Baja peninsula, and southeastern California.

Although, most of the Sonoran Desert is low in elevation and comprised of 2,500 species of desert vegetation, this region also includes pine and fir forest covered mountains and offshore islands. A Mount Lemmon Vista
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Sonoran Desert   Plants, saguaro, wildflowers

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