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Americans Saving AmeriKKKa

In The Day America Died: Why you shouldn’t believe the official story of what happened on September 11, 2001,’


"The trigger for the 911 activity was the imminent and unstoppable world-wide financial collapse which can only be prevented temporarily by a major war, perhaps to become known as World War III. To bring it off one more time, martial law will probably be imposed in the United States."

Transcript: Alex Jones Interviews Col. Donn de Grand-Pre, U.S. Army (ret.):
Explosive New 9/11 Revelations and Explanations

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Americans Saving AmeriKKKa


Kristen Breitweiser listens as she and five families of 9/11 victims hold a news conference Tuesday in Washington to endorse Sen. John Kerry in the 2004 presidential race. "President Bush thwarted our attempts at every turn" The widows known as the "Jersey Girls" changed history by demanding an independent 9/11 investigation.

President Bush thwarted our attempts at every turn

By Mary Jacoby
Sept. 15, 2004

Over the last three years, the group of 9/11 widows turned activists dubbed the "Jersey Girls" have become a fixture on the Washington political scene. Some of them are Republicans, others Democrats or independents. But they are all determined to hold official Washington accountable for the attacks that killed their husbands and nearly 3,000 others.

They have held news conferences, lobbied members of Congress, pored over documents, and forced the White House to accept an independent commission to investigate the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. Along the way, the women have learned about coverups, obfuscation, political cowardice, deceptions and the dangers of eschewing international alliances for a go-it-alone foreign policy.

And their conclusion: For the sake of the country's future, John Kerry must replace George W. Bush.

Gathering at the National Press Club in Washington on Tuesday, the widows announced their endorsement of the Massachusetts Democrat for president, a move made "in good conscience and from our hearts," as former Bush supporter Kristen Breitweiser told the news cameras. "In the three years since 9/11, I could never have imagined I would be here today, disappointed in the person I voted for, for president," she said.

Added fellow Jersey Girl Patty Casazza: "It was President Bush who thwarted our attempts at every turn."

The widows said they endorsed Kerry because three years of studying the facts has convinced them he will do a better job than Bush at protecting the nation. "This was not an easy decision to make. We agonized over this," said Monica Gabrielle of West Haven, Conn., an honorary Jersey Girl. "We have always been very careful about not being partisan. We have always attempted to uncover the truth. We have always looked for the greater good." Still, the women said they expect to be trashed as partisan hacks.

"We were joking amongst ourselves yesterday that we should come down here geared up in football pads and helmets, because we were anticipating personal attacks," Breitweiser said. "Some other 9/11 family members have supported President Bush, and I think we have always been respectful of anyone's points of view. And I hope that going forward, the debate and dialogue will be about the issues and it will be respectful and lively. But most important, respectful."

The endorsement was a sword clanging against Bush's political armor. Polls show that voters rate Bush high on his handling of 9/11 and its aftermath, and Republicans have been quick to exploit that approval with television ads and their recent convention, held in Manhattan around the theme of Bush's leadership against terrorism. Meantime, the families of 9/11 victims are split on whom to support for president, with many for Bush.

The Jersey Girls' political foil is Deena Burnett, widow of Thomas Burnett, one of the passengers on United Airlines Flight 93, which crashed in Pennsylvania. Burnett, who lives in Arkansas, spoke to the Republican National Convention two weeks ago, giving an emotional account of her last conversations with her husband from the plane. "The heroes of 9/11 weren't created that day," Burnett told the convention. "Their actions were the result of virtues practiced over a lifetime." Delegates wiped away tears.

Watching the convention on television, Breitweiser felt not teary-eyed, she said, but frightened. She found the speakers angry and bellicose, and she worried that the Bush administration seemed to revel in war. "I am scared [by] the mentality that my daughter, who is 5 years old, is being handed a tomorrow that will be a war for a lifetime.

My husband was killed on 9/11. I do not want to lose my daughter 18 years from now when she's walking or living in a large city, and it's payback for our actions in Iraq," Breitweiser said. Later she told me in an interview that she voted for Bush in 2000 because, well, she's a Republican. "I'm not a Democrat!" she said, when I asked if her endorsement of Kerry meant that she had switched parties.

On Tuesday I was unable to reach Deena Burnett, whose name is not listed in the phone directory, for comment about the Jersey Girls' endorsement of Kerry. But a telephone interview I conducted with her two years ago was revealing for her lack of knowledge about the origins and funding sources of al-Qaida. Burnett is a lead plaintiff in a massive lawsuit against wealthy members of the Saudi royal family and Saudi establishment filed by South Carolina trial lawyer Ron Motley, who is trying to prove that the 9/11 attacks were financed out of the kingdom.

Interestingly, many people who share those suspicions about the Saudi role in 9/11 also tend to question the Bush family's close ties to the House of Saud, but not Burnett. When I spoke with her for the profile, I expected to talk with her about the substance of the case. Instead, she directed me back to the lawyers, pleading ignorance of such details as which Saudi prince made which overtures to the Taliban. She clearly wasn't a document hound.

The Jersey Girls are.

They have read seemingly every scrap of information about 9/11 and al-Qaida, from news articles to affidavits to

footnotes in obscure government reports. And their command of the facts is what has made them so effective. On Sept. 18, 2002, when much of the public was still sympathetic to the Bush administration position that the attacks could not have been foreseen or prevented, Breitweiser gave a statement before the joint House-Senate investigation into intelligence lapses; it may have changed the course of history.

In a concise, straightforward manner, she laid out the facts far more effectively than had any senator or representative on the panel. She asked how, for example, the CIA could fail to locate hijackers Nawaf Alhazmi and Khalid al-Midhar, who had entered the United States despite being on a terrorist watch list, when one was listed in the San Diego phone book and both roomed with an undercover FBI informant.

The day after her presentation, the White House -- once firmly against an independent commission -- reversed itself and endorsed the idea. And it was the 9/11 commission that would later find no operational ties between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaida, one of the key reasons Bush gave for invading Iraq.

On Tuesday, the widows cited the invasion of Iraq as one of their top reasons for supporting Kerry. "Unfortunately, before the work in Afghanistan was complete ... this administration moved our most precious resources, America's sons and daughters, into Iraq, without the support of our allies. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, and that is what we learned from the 9/11 commission's final report," said Lorie Van

Auken of East Brunswick, N.J. "Sept. 11 was an enormous intelligence failure, and yet nothing was done to fix our intelligence after 9/11, and that same intelligence apparatus took us into Iraq. So it's doubly frustrating to learn that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11." Van Auken said she is also worried that with military forces stretched thin, her 17-year-old son and 15-year-old daughter could be called up in a draft.

The women said they approached Kerry about the endorsement, not the other way around. Their requests to meet with Bush were rejected. Breitweiser and Gabrielle plan to campaign actively. In Breitweiser's case, it will be difficult, because she hasn't traveled in an airplane since her husband died. "I have serious anxiety about getting on a plane," she said. "But that's how committed I feel."

About the writer
Mary Jacoby is Salon's Washington correspondent.


UPDATE: Over the last three years, the group of 9/11 widows turned activists dubbed the "Jersey Girls" have become a fixture on the Washington political scene.

Some of them are Republicans, others Democrats or independents. But they are all determined to hold official Washington accountable for the attacks that killed their husbands and nearly 3,000 others. They have held news conferences, lobbied members of Congress, pored over documents, and forced the White House to accept an independent commission to investigate the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

Along the way, the women have learned about coverups, obfuscation, political cowardice, deceptions and the dangers of eschewing international alliances for a go-it-alone foreign policy.


And their conclusion: For the sake of the country's future, John Kerry must replace George W. Bush.

Americans saving AmeriKKKa


John Buchanan: The 9-11 Candidate
A speech to a Manchester support group
Wednesday, Jan 07, 2004

Good afternoon and thank you for welcoming me so warmly.

I stand before you today less as a candidate and more as a messenger and the message I bear is simple and stark. We have all been lied to about 9/11, the country is in mortal danger and only you can make it right.

If you need a label, I stand here as a 9/11 Truth Candidate and some may thus dismiss me as a single-issue candidate and in a narrow sense that is true. But if you consider that 9/11 has led us into fiscal ruin, endless war and constitutional twilight, my issue is the mother issue of our age.

That said let me return to the 9/11 message the first line of which is this:

They wanted it to happen.

They being the neocon members and associates of PNAC, the Project for a New American Century, an ultra-rightwing think tank and mouthpiece for Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and most Bush’s handlers these days. Cheney, Wolfowitz and their PNAC fellows had been campaigning publicly for Mideast oil wars since 2000, but also said publicly that the American people were not likely to buy these plans without a quote catastrophic and catalyzing event like a new Pearl Harbor” unquote

They wanted it to happen.

And despite over 23 warnings from 11 foreign governments in the months preceding the attacks they did NOTHING to protect or warn the country.

They did less than nothing. They quashed 5 different investigations into Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda by FBI teams, and then promoted the FBI official who did most of that quashing after 9/11.

They wanted it to happen.

And the day it finally did they let it run its course. There was a mysterious total collapse of all our air defenses. Even though planes had been routinely scrambled 67 times for far lesser threats in the preceding year, on 9/11 all standard operating procedures inexplicably broke down. With 4 hijacked planes in the air and Flight 77 taking more than an hour to reach the Pentagon, not a single plane was there to intercept its deadly course.

Think about that for a long moment. A trillion dollar defense establishment, over three months of top level warnings, an hour’s lead time, fighters based ten minutes away, and they could not even protect their own goddamn headquarters.

So 9/11 happened.

3000 people were instantly killed. The economy was desperately wounded, the country paralyzed with fear.

Madness, you say. Who could possibly benefit from such a tragedy?

Well, let’s just recite some facts.

The president’s poll numbers nearly doubled overnight.

Our intelligence and defense services, who neither informed or defended us, got a huge new budget bounce.

The FBI got a big cash bonus too plus a secret police wet dream in the form of the Patriot Act. (And when a couple senators -- Daschle and Leahy say, “Slow down, this act’s not exactly patriotic or even constitutional” – guess who gets anthrax in the mail?)

Arms merchants like Daddy Bush’s Carlyle Group reaped billions, no, tens of billions, from new “War on Terrorism” orders.

Washington insider firms like Cheney’s Halliburton, and GOP cash cow Bechtel harvested hundreds of billions in no-bid contracts as we methodically blow up and renovate both Afghanistan and Iraq.

So 9/11 happened and the administration ordered, “thou shalt not investigate! It will distract us from the fight against terror and all the war we have to make.”

White House refusal may seem natural, but where was our crusading press. It is another simple sad fact that the journalists who should have been investigating this whole peculiar business were now owned and operated by big media corporations who were making so damn much selling these wars that they held their peace instead.

They not only did not question the scores of 9/11 lies and contradictions, they never even told the public there were still unanswered questions there at all.

So 9/11 happened, flags were waved, money flowed and the press shut up.

And there it all would have ended – PNAC with its oil wars, Bush with new poll Viagra, the FBI free from the Bill of Rights, the merchants of war rolling in blank checks and the media fat with cash. A happing ending, no?

Not for the victim families, and if it weren’t for a few hundred courageous ones I wouldn’t be standing in front of you today.

The government tried to buy their silence too, and offered all 3,000 families fat payments from a Victims Compensation Fund. Each would get about a million bucks if they just promised to shut, stop asking the logical questions and simply go away.

Most did, it is true. But some who were paying attention fought back and demanded a real investigation. They got the National 9/11 Commission instead.

Can you imagine a 9/11 investigative commission where most of the commissioners have ties to the oil, airline and arms industries if not to the White House itself?

Where the witnesses are not even asked to testify under oath?

Where interrogations of FBI, FAA and NORAD insiders are all supervised by White House chaperones called “minders” ?

Where the executive director worked for years with Condi Rice, head of the National Security Council who herself refuses to testify under oath?

Where the latest appointed commissioner is an Iraq war hawk who publicly said he thought the most important role of the commission was quote "not to embarrass the president" unquote?

Could you believe in an investigation like that?

Can you believe the shit that is going down?

Well, neither can I and that is why I am here today to ask you to join with the desperate victim families and demand belated truth.

The country has been swindled into endless war, repression and financial collapse. Thousands of people have been murdered and we still don’t know the facts.

I am just one voice saying these things up here in New Hampshire today, but if you would just do some homework you would see there are thousands like me working in shadow on the internet trying get out what the victim families want to say.

One great crusader in this struggle is your own Ellen Mariani, a Derry 9/11 widow who is suing Bush, Cheney and their neocon kin for knowingly letting her husband die for personal and political gain.

I beg you to rally around her as one of the heroes of this cause, I also beg you to read some vital texts like Nafeez Ahmed’s “The War on Freedom” or the 9/11 timeline at And finally I ask you to vote for me to send a message of your own -- that this land is our land and it’s time for gestapo-minded war profiteers to get hell out.

I thank you for sitting here and pray you will now begin to move.

Good night and god bless what’s left of our democracy.

August 2003 911 Report

911 UPDATE: JULY 2003

Proof of prior knowledge of the September 11 attacks is continuing to trickle out of the purportedly “leak-proof” White House, as more corroborative chickens of 9/11 are coming home to roost -- even as President Bush is considering invoking executive privilege to keep the clamps on evidence that could alter the political landscape for the nation’s conquering “top-gun.”

However, for those still concerned about the mysteries of September 11, such issues as: 1) poorly documented visas -- issued fraudulently by immigration officials failing to follow the law, 2) restrained U.S. military air defense protocols, 3) millions of dollars in suspicious pre-attack stock market insider trading profits as yet unclaimed and unrevealed within a still-unpublicized Securities Exchange Commission 9/11 “Control List,” 4) redacted presidential intelligence documents, plus other unanswered questions directly related to prior knowledge of the attacks all seem fair game -- given the explosive evidence.

Newly-revealed statements from a CIA July, 2001 presidential intelligence briefing -- when placed within the context of planes crashing into buildings, one-by-one on September 11 -- should bring to mind Bush’s reactions that morning at the Sarasota, Florida elementary school. But the public has never heard the reason for the President’s lack of swift and decisive action at the school.

The intelligence committee staff director, Eleanor Hill -- a former federal prosecutor and Pentagon Inspector General -- was blocked at the last minute from divulging precisely who in the White House received the July briefing, classified by CIA Director George Tenet. According to Newsweek, a source said one of the recipients of the still-unpublicized July briefing which foretold the 9/11 attacks was Bush himself.

But Hill was only permitted to say “senior government officials.” And no one has testified regarding who exerted the pressure on the staff director. The President has not testified. And the congressional hearings are over.

The weekly periodical also revealed that the congressional report “names names, gives dates, and provides a body of new information about the handling of many other crucial intelligence briefings -- including one in early August 2001 given to national-security advisor Condoleezza Rice that discussed Al Qaeda operations within the United States and the possibility that the group’s members might seek to hijack airplanes.”

EIGHT of the alleged September 11th Hijackers are Alive
The FBI STILL lists these men as the terrorists who crashed planes into the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon, and Stony Creek Township, Pennsylvania on September 11th.

But eight of them are ALIVE.

Source Page: Tom Flocco: For Honest Government In Our Lifetime

We declare a national emergency in uncovering what really happened on 9/11/2001 through an immediate call for an independent collaborative investigation worldwide. The U.S. government could help us but instead is doing everything it can to stop any investigations into 9/11.

The People's Investigation of 9/11 is an assemblage of international researchers and activists. Task-based functional groups work together on various projects, including research topics and volunteer efforts, in unison with other 9/11 evidence-finding efforts.

Until a legitimate independent citizen's committee is funded and recognized by the U.S. government or a world political body or court, it is left up to the citizens of the world to investigate and share what they know with others.

It is critical that you at the least learn what is already known -- If you are new to the 9/11 Investigation, try starting with What We Know

and these resourcesThe Center for Cooperative Research is also a good starting place.

Time Line Before 911

Flight 93


The American Public is evidently in dire need of the truth, for when the plutocracy feeds us sweet lies instead of the bitter truth that would evoke remedial action by the People, then we are in peril of sinking inextricably into despotism.

To Frankenpower

Practically every act of the clowns who now control the White House
is an outrage and an insult to intelligence,

By David Cogswell

but Bush and Cheney's attempt to put the squeeze on the investigation of 911 is the most egregious of many loathsome acts.
This may be even more outrageous than their thuggish seizure of the White House after losing the election.

That both Bush and Cheney personally gave Daschle a leaden tap on the shoulder and warned him to back off. Daschle, wisely, made the requests public, saying, "The vice president expressed the concern that a review of what happened on September 11 would take resources and personnel away from the effort in the war on terrorism." Newsweek reported the incident at

Investigating the attack would take resources AWAY from the war on terrorism?

This is such an affront to the most rudimentary logic it defies comprehension. The Bushes have gotten tremendous mileage out of being incomprehensible, but this may go beyond the limit of acceptability even from a previously docile public.

You have to stop still for a minute to appreciate the colossal arrogance of suggesting a limit to the inquiry into the most horrific assault ever perpetrated on U.S. citizens.
How could anyone dare to suggest that an investigation into the failures that led that catastrophe would "divert resources from the war on terrorism"? It should be the foundation of that effort.

It is no use tiptoeing around it, these guys have manipulated 911 from Day One to push their same old agenda.

"The war on terrorism," like everything else the Bushes claim disingenuously to be doing, is nothing more than a front for doing exactly what their corporate controllers want, no matter how detrimental it is to the vast majority.

Any war on terrorism that does not incorporate a thorough public investigation is a fraud.

Ashcroft and George W. would say, "We didn't say no investigation. We'll have an investigation all right, but we'll be in charge of it. And we'll keep the information we uncover secret, for National Security, of course." This administration, which is transparently an extension of the old gang led by the former CIA director, is inherently anti-democratic, seeking at every turn to thwart democratic processes, to centralize, privatize and monopolize power and resources. Covert action is its stock in trade, a family tradition.

The CIA cult of secrecy is the antithesis of democratic processes.

The Bush administration maintains its assault on the rights of the majority at a furious pace on many fronts at once, but the Republican elite are always consistent in their preferences: all power and wealth to the richest one percent; let the rest make do with what trickles down, if we're feeling generous.

Since the idea that an all-out investigation would divert resources from the war on terrorism is a ludicrous, desperate ploy, we are left with the question: Why do Bush and Cheney want to limit the investigation?

Why indeed?

Logic leads inescapably to the proposition that they would not like what such an investigation would uncover. What then might that be?

Is it possible that when the disaster is closely examined, and Americans for the first time are able to soberly contemplate how such a mountain of simultaneous security breaches took place, they may cease to lionize the commander in chief who presided so gaily over the failure? To select one fact out of that mountain of dysfunctions: It was 35 minutes from the second crash at the World Trade Center to the attack on the Pentagon. Thirty-five minutes since millions of average Americans knew the crashes were no accident, and yet the nation's capital, the center of the world's most powerful military, only moments from Andrews Air Force Base where fighters fly in and out at all hours, was defenseless.

We were sitting ducks. A quarter of a trillion dollars spent on the military every year and there was no defense of Washington. The first attack in New York may be called a surprise, even though air traffic controllers knew about the hijackings for a long time before the crashes. But the Pentagon attack was no surprise. The average 10-year-old knew by then an attack was underway and had known about it long enough for fighters to fly from Andrews to the Pentagon and back many times over.

Even in the absence of an investigation, basic logic leads to the conclusion that a great many things had to go wrong that day. Many of the reports that have come out raise more questions that the public needs answered, if we are to consider ourselves a democratic nation.

Among the most intriguing of a myriad of disturbing reports were those of FBI agents complaining that the Bush administration took steps to limit investigations into Bin Laden before Sept. 11 too.

What can be said in the face of such an outrage? The time for talking is over.

Let the investigations begin.

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