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The act of or the faculty for direct apprehension or cognition without the intervention of the slow process of learning by intellectual reasoning, also demonstrates the presence of vast reservoirs of material not within the consciousness, which are reached simply by the ability of the person to blend with the source from which the information comes.
Quantum Mind

Fact Or Fiction? Do you know the difference?




A brief definition
To understand profoundly through intuition or empathy.

An extended definition of "Grok":
To achieve an Intuitive Sense of encounter with an idea, an understanding, and surround it with your beingness of attention, To consume it's perspective, and understand it all at once, to see the wholeness "of a piece".. this is the "long wave" way of knowing , as opposed to atomized, piecemeal, fractionated dissections of knowing.. ie, the short wave spectrum of knowing (Reason).
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The Real Eyes Grokking Telescope
The Implicate Order Explained




The principle of conscious life; the vital principle in humans, animating the body or mediating between body and soul.
The incorporeal part of humans; SYN: Life, mind, consciousness, essence.

The soul regarded as separate from the body, whether in life or death.
Conscious, incorporeal being, as opposed to matter or physical entity.

A supernatural, incorporeal being, esp. one inhabiting a place, object, dimension(Physics), etc., or having a particular character.
An attitude or principle that inspires, animates, or pervades thought, feeling or action.

The divine influence as an agency working in the human entity and society for positive good and well-being.
A negative influence as an agency working in the human entity and society for negative and selfish purposes.

A divine, inspiring (or negative), or animating (positive or negative) being or influence.
The third person of the Trinity; Holy Spirit.
The Soul or heart as the seat of feelings or sentiments, or as prompting to action.
The Spirit: God.
Physics: Consciousness, that which enables any and all dimensions of consciousness.
That which pervades and infuses the cosmos, in both corporeality and incorporeality, from the microcosmic to the macrocosmic.
A component of dimensionality, as a principle of Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics.


Refers to the common experience behind many various religious points of view.
It is an experience involving an awareness of and relationship with something that transcends your egoic personal self as well as the Human order of things. Something Bonds you to the Nature of the All. Its a relationship with the Divine essence.
This "something" has been given various names ("God" being the most popular in Western Society) and defined in ways that are too numerous to count.
We call Hir simply as HIR. You can choose to define what that means for yourself in whatever way feels most appropriate. Your own sense of HIR can be as abstract as "cosmic consciousness" or "Quantum Mind" or as down-to-earth as the beauty of the ocean or mountains.
Even if you regard yourself an agnostic or atheist, you may get a sense of inspiration from taking a walk in the forest or contemplating a beautiful spiritually uplifting sunset. Or a small child's smile may give you a special sense of inner joy.

From Joy
Springs all creation
By Joy Hir is sustained
Toward Joy Hir proceeds
And to Joy Hir returns




Creativity is a natural potential.
Yet somehow, in most cases, the urge to create fades as the human being gets older. Or at best it continues in certain limited areas, such as science, music, or painting. Why should this happen?

Follow this path to learn Creativity by David Bohm and F. David Peat

Bookmark Quantum Mind Page for further learning on related subjects.

Recommended Books
Creativity Flow and the Psychology
of discovery and Invention
Finding Flow: The Psychology
of Engagement With Everyday Life



Sunsets Oh Joy, Wherefore hath thou gone?

Now we come to the beginning of Now!
Flying over the Present times we see the distorted development of a lotus flower resulting not only in illusions and fantastic missconceptions, but in errors and instability in ordinary life.

For those who grasp for Hir beyond the horizon of usual consciousness, preparing for the time when something powerful will present Hir-Self This advise is given.
"Denying Hir existence or pushing the subject aside or rejecting the unfoldment indicates that the mature aspects of "awareness" must be expanded." Grok?


Sunsets To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.

The Holographic Universe



The Journey.....Begins....

The subliminal content is for Humanity, in Hir present state, an unrealized reservoir of Wisdom, Wellness, Beauty, and Nurturing power which may be organised and drawn into consciousness by proper Guidance-Training.



A Side path

To gain perspective of anothers Journey....

At the center of your Earth experience is Creator,
the One, around whom the journey is woven like a spiral.
You make many turns through the Earth experience making many choices.
In the learning we uncover more and more of WHO we are.
No part of the spiral is better than another for even the lower path is connected to the upper path.
As you travel you may look up to see those above you and judge yourSelf to be less than they are.
But that is only an illusion.
Sometimes you may look down upon those who travel below and judge them to be lesser.
That, too, is an illusion.
Your journey is a unity of experience one step at a time.
Everyone is on the Path of the Spirit.
It just doesn't always look that way.
Accept and allow --and from this comes Peace and Harmony.


Oh Humanity   Oh Humanity
The Human species has an evolutionarily mature state of Mind which is extant in every individual but which is presently benign and inoperable in most of Humanity.
Such inoperability and disuse is further attributed to such extant societal conditions that preclude the use of this advanced state of mental functioning.
It is further Grokked that such mature mental functioning can access knowledge and consciousness beyond that presently available to most of us, potentially leading to immensely significant improvements in both individual and societal existence and well-being.

Have you forgotten how to dream?

Learn how to use Grokking intuitive insight as a tool for new millennium consciousness.

In an age of technocratic thinking and multiple external stimuli competing for our attention we are becoming unskilled in realizing our own visions.
Grokking Intuitive insight is a natural and real tool for emerging a new consciousness out of the old. As we develop our Natural Intuition our Heart and Mind engages together and we Awaken as a "whole."

Sunsets The next breakthrough Humanity creates will be in Intuitive Consciousness.
Out of this "Awakened" state, will come true progress and real motivation.
By developing this Intuitive "knowing" Now! we Bond to our Highly developed Heart progress.
Both must join in to gain "Real Eyes Synergy"
Then we'll Real Eyes the dimension of our Intuitive Vision is infinite!

So small is our awareness that we haven't imagined the possibilities yet.
When we do, we will create them.


Sunsets We begin To develop our Intuitive Consciousness by faithfully listening to the voice within.
In so doing, the better we "Grok-Hear"
the "Sound of Synchronicity" outside.

Only Hir-Self who listens can speak.

Sunsets We inhabit a Sacred Planet in danger of dying.
We inhabit a collective Human body that is seriously polluted.
Global governments are dominated by powerful interest groups who do not hold the wellness of Humanity or the Planet at Heart.
The Tyranny of the (Mind-Zombies) "Age of Reason" is upon us!
Humanity must now forge new pathways and develop sufficient tools that encourage people to meet one another on common ground, in Sacred Nature.

Grokking Intuitive Pathways
is like walking the labyrinth.

It's a journey both within and outward, alone and with loved ones, its a journey with Human contact and mutural sharing of ideas.
It's a way to express our inner spirit across boundries developed by "Reason."
It's a Shared Intuitive Soulular Journey to allow new solutions to be "imprinted" with Spirit.
In doing so, no matter where we are in our own life's journey, no matter what sparks our creative imagination this process brings unity to our center of being.

Grokking a Nurturing relationship with Earth,
Grokking a Nurturing relationship with Nature,
Grokking a Nurturing Humanity,
Grokking Our Future is possible!


Ghost Owl


Sunsets Activation: A Process of Spiritual Awakening

Forgiveness: An essay-poem


by Bill Mollison, 1981

I don't think anybody has summarized what is happening on the face of the Earth.
In order to change our ways, we seem to need to terrify ourselves, anticipating tidal waves and catastrophes. Now those things may come off, and the San Andreas fault may shift. But we can't do much about that. What is really happening is something for which we, as human beings, are personally responsible. It is very general. Almost everything we say applies everywhere.

The real systems that are beginning to fail are the soils, forests, the atmosphere, and nutrient cycles. It is we who are responsible for that. We haven't evolved anywhere in the west (and I doubt very much elsewhere except in tribal areas) any sustainable systems in agriculture or forestry. We don't have a system. Let's look at what is happening.

Please Continue learning about this critical Issue.


Sunsets Healing Your Energy Body

In human healing in the First World, we have a clear distinction between the fields of healing the body and healing the mind.

Indeed, practitioners who seek to heal the mind in many officially acknowledged modalities are not allowed to touch the body, literally and metaphorically both, at all unless a problem is held to be "psychosomatic" - not really physical at all but just "all in the patient's mind".

Holistic practitioners have been seeking for a long time now to overcome this mind-body division because it is so obvious that the two are not separate, that one causes another and that they are inter-related, intertwined and to treat one in the absence of another is basically non-sensical and less efficient than it should be.

Continue Learning about Healing the Energy Body


Spirituality   Spirituality
Sunsets Spirituality as a Living Awareness

Although religion often deals with form, spirituality generally deals with an individual's application of his or her individual knowledge or awareness. Since our natural state is spirit, reawakening to full spiritual awareness is one of the purposes we all have in common.
In fact, in one reading (3357-2), Cayce stated that "Soul development should take precedence over all things." From the readings' perspective, this development is not achieved through some great deed or act; instead, it is a gradual accomplishment which is attained "line upon line, precept upon precept."
What appears to be most important in terms of soul development is an individual's application of the things of the Spirit in their interactions with others: love, kindness, gentleness, patience, persistence, and consistency.




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