Snipers: Killers for Hire

Michael Moore's Comment
PS. Sniper Porn -- a.k.a. nonstop news coverage that tells you nothing new but titillates and scares the bejeepers out of you -- pre-empted the hour-long Donahue show from Flint on Monday night. I've been told it may air this Thursday night (Oct. 24) at 8pm/11pm ET/PT on MSNBC. It's a great show, live from the Flint premiere of my film, with Phil and 300 mostly Flint-area residents speaking their minds. The film continues to set records and, on Monday night, it became the #1 film in the country in per screen average at the box office! Thanks to everyone who has seen it. It arrives in more cities this Friday.
Oct 20 2002
Snipers Tarot Message
Message Board:

About the Tarot card being used, I don't think the person who left it knows the meaning behind the death card or any of the cards for that fact. Most christians don't.

Most are taught it is evil and that is that. So when people (not pagan of course) hear of the death card in Tarot they believe it actually means death. It is quite obvious that he is not pagan because using the death card and saying I am God doesn't make sense.

It only makes sense if you are doing it as a christian and trying to scare people. As far as people automatically linking this to Pagans, I don't think it will happen. I do believe the general public is a little smarter than that. I do think it will have a negative impact on us because it is being used as an uneducated christian would use it wich only promotes the narrow minded view of things.

No offense but the general public are sheep.

They believe what they're told.

If "God-Fearing" President Bush says he/she/them is/are Pagan then they'll believe it. I do agree with you though for a different reason. We're not even an annoyance at the moment.

While some of us have been attacked or rousted by law enforcement, we've done nothing to retaliate. What he wants to catch is an American sympathizer to Iraq or some other enemy he plans to invade and that's pretty much what will happen, I think. He'll go after us when all the foreign enemies have been subdued and he can force good old American values on us.

My belief, as I've said, is that this is a staged killing spree. They'll catch someone but I doubt it will be the real killer just as Oswald didn't kill JFK The work is too "clean" to be anything but someone with military experience, to random to be a serial killer, and serial killers leave lots of notes. They pit themselves against the police and dare them to catch him. Whoever is doing this isn't doing that.

There are too many inconsistencies. Serial killers are not well funded, usually hunt in a specific area and take only a particular type of person, usually. This guy has a gun accurate to within 750 yards, travels long distances between killing sprees and only once has he left a note. He also doesn't kill consistently. They usually either are driven by some pattern (rain, lunar cycle, etc) and usually kill one at a time to they can enjoy it. This guy acts like a military sniper.

He's picking off random people at random times in random locations. Thus, he's acting like a terrorist.

But why would a terrorist be doing this now? If he's Iraqi, then either he's insane or Saddam is a total git and wants to get nuked. If it's an enemy of Saddam, why would he want a permanent US presence in the Middle East.

We aren't going to stop with Iraq. We'll decide that Iran is next and keep going until we control the whole thing, one way or another. Thus, I feel this is a double blind tactic.

A group of American soldiers are given orders to kill Americans and make it look like a terrorist tactic.

A duck stays waiting to be arrested when they finally "find" the missing link and get him. He turns out to be either Arab or an American sympathizer.

Then Bush attacks Iraq, removes our rights to "protect" us. And thus he becomes a hero and saves America.

He gets re-elected in 2004, if we still have free elections by then, and by 2008, we won't get rid of him except by using terrorist tactics ourselves.

Thus, we become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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