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Living "Seek" Water

Let's tell the story of the life of a water molecule in a cloud - deciding where to rain -
as if we were talking to a child.

The Energy Body
Creativity   Wisdom
The Holographic Universe
The water molecule is floating gleefully in a white puffy cloud - dancing in the sun. The water molecule stays light and floaty as long as it does not link up with too many other water molecules. Once in a great while scientists make the water molecules become rain by dropping 'seeds' which are little charged mineral crystals into the clouds. Cloud seeds work because they create an electrical field of 'charge' which steers the water molecules like little magnets into the tilt positions necessary to hook the molecules up with their neighbors.

The important thing to remember that it is the shape of the field of electrical charge that ultimately steers around the water molecules. The question is - how to make the separated water molecules decide to gather into shared 'wave envelopes' called A WATER DROPLET (hint - this is RAIN!!!).

What tempts water molecules to experiment with touching - (making rain drops) - is the SHAPE OF THE FIELD EFFECT OF ELECTRICAL CHARGE - which is steering those molecules around.. This decides if the 'business-end' (the bonding points) of the molecules - can TOUCH - and share space non-destructively.

A deep principle is that 'all bonding is phase locking'. This means that waves coming from opposite directions must line up and get exactly into PHASE (like linking heart beats to make love, or linking clock pendulum in a room). This permission to share wave space - is called CRYSTALIZATION - and the experiment in successful sharing which results is the very essence of the principle named 'CHRISTOS'. (Hint: it means total sharing is possible in a completely safe space - eliminating the need or possibility of secrets ... for waves and people).

The neat thing about WATER is that the 2 basic kinds of bonds in chemistry are perfectly balanced. These are called IONIC versus CO-VALENT. And for our childs conversation here, consider water's perfect balance between these two types, as the perfect tightrope between short wave - local bonds - versus longer wave - more collective extended bonds. What this means in chemistry - can be expressed very socially: that because of this balance between ionic and co-valent bonds water molecules are exquisitely able to THINK GLOBALLY but ACT LOCALLY!

Another thing about water that is helpful to know - for our continuing kids story .. is the ASTROLOGY of CHARGE in water. This means that when waves a charge are gathered in perfect compression into water - the memory of exactly where that charge came from is kept in perfect context. Moving electrically charge (stored in the form scientists call CAPACITANCE) - is the physics of astrology - and does go lots faster than light. So if you grow a water (or quartz) bond nest very slowly - each time a new bond is formed - it makes a harmonic sample stored of the shape of all charge waves coming from every star at the moment of the birth of the bond. (This shows up if you do a musical analysis of each bond like a spark gap nested - 'infinite series').

Take the example - of a quartz crystal grown too quickly in a cooking pot in an electronics lab. That crystal when held in your hand feels like a pate foie goose liver which has been too quickly stuffed. Now you take a similar sized crytal that took many thousand years to grow, and holding it you get pictures inside your head of the shape of all the land around where it grew.

This is because the capacitive 'charge' spinning out from each bond - has more harmonic inclusiveness and more memory in bonds that were formed slowly and in context.

This explains in part why certain waters that come from very ancient ices are so healing. They are charge dense, information dense, and spin dense - electrically.

Now- back to our little molecule (Mr. H 2 You - Owe to Me).

Suppose you the molecule were passing over a farm, where they had put in lots of metal fences, metal roofs, metal buildings, and planted huge plots on mono-culture crops. (One seed - no variety).

Being a reasonably clever water molecule - you are pretty skilled at not getting yourself killed. In magnetic theory - being KILLED has a very particular meaning. Essentially - to be killed - means to have all your SPIN collapsed into no spin. Remember that spin 'density' is awareness and information density. So for a water molecule - SPIN IS LIFE!!!

Why would falling onto a farm with too much metal, and no magnetic long wave pattern, and no genetic diversity (and probably no bliss dancing) - be FATAL for a water molecule???

Because SPIN requires symmetry. The water molecule - speaking at the international conference of water molecules for a better life - election speech was called: GIVE ME SPIN SYMMETRY - OR GIVE ME DEATH!!

(Apologies to Patrick Henry here).

No scientist would argue that the bond that keeps hydrogen hooked to water requires precise symmetry. Why would not extending that symmetry by critical to get LOTS OF WATER MOLECULES hooked to each other.

Remember also - that the only thing which makes water molecules heavier than air enough to fall to your land - is when they HOOK UP into WATER DROPLETS. To bond the little molecules into extended families so they fall on your land - someone has to teach them how to nest! The angle of waves of local CHARGE and MAGNETISM in long wave patterns - is what teaches the water molecules how to SHARE SPACE- and become a droplet. This is called the principle of precipitation - and it is based on how waves nest and become a wave envelope ONLY if short waves nest well (non-destructively) into LONG WAVES!

Let us look at some examples of RAIN MAKING historically to better 'grok' these principles.

Many of you know of the ORGONE (Reich) work . (read James DeMeo and also : DESERTIFICATION, Patriarchy and "Hard-Making Power"-Politics that Prevent Touch - Prevent RAIN! .important reading for our rainmakiing students)

The Orgone rain makers are very successful in a limited way - the problem is that they have not used the correct terms (Capacitance - and harmonic inclusiveness creating compression) - instead they became stuck in un-shareable terminology like ORGONE. But there are some nice things we can learn from them.

A classic way for an orgone engineer to make rain is to take pipes made of a white plastic which will columnate or organize microwave and capacitive charge - and place them in a group - stuck one end in a really live river, and the other end pointed at a cloud they want to 'bust' or make rain.

The successful physics is easy to understand. The pipe points and directs a 'columnating' or organizing capacitive (charge) field and a microwave field at the cloud. The clouds water molecules are suddenly electrically oriented to more long wave enveloping symmetries by that field, and form droplets.

In Trevor Constable's film - "Weather Engineering on the High Seas", he shows that the most successful rainmaking capacitor (they call conic capacitors Orgone accumulators) is a CONE in exactly the 60 degree angle which makes the implosion angle in the dodecahedron nest in the above pictures!

Sending waves of capacitive charge into a field producing collapse- makes rain.

Biologic sources of charge ultimately RULE - pure mechanical and metallic and non-fractal or harmonically inclusive sources of charge POISON. (because they do not produce the centering implosive force necessary)

(see also : The Perfect Geometry of Wave Collapse - Neurophysics Solution the Nature of Consciousness & - Fusion-Phi Phenomenon-Unlocking Ultimate PHIre. )

Now we want to do 2 things to extend our understanding of these principles of rainmaking:

1. Understand why most children who spend a lot of time blissful and barefoot - can make a hole in any cloud they choose, by merely focusing on it.
2. Understand why labyrinth and stone circle making - properly dowsed and embedded on your land - will attract rain.

The principle which allows blissful kids to make rain if they focus is the powerful coherence field - both ultraviolet, microwave - and capacitive of human glandular bliss.

Reading suggestions: Kundalini: A Web Conversation :, Politics of Bliss - at - Science of Bliss & Peak Experience for Rainbow Serpent

Cohering an ecosystem magnetic braiding which effects weather patterns the size of continents is everyday work for kundalini - as Tutankhamons priests well knew regulating the timing of the Niles flood - but this is advanced material - (see kundlini link) let us limit this conversation to our childs view of how to bring RAIN to the FARM!

Meantime if you ever do have the chance - check for yourself to see if your local clouds respond the moment blissful kids dancing barefoot in mud - decide to hold hands and touch!

Another way to ask the drought question is - when was the last time blissful kids touched while dancing barefoot in mud - on your farm?

(In other words - maybe the only way to BE a culture is to know how to teach bliss??? - because every other way of being human - living without passion- is un-sustainable electrically.)

But - let us walk before we run - so we will learn the magnetic hygiene here - necessary to prepare your land for RAIN!!

(which just happens to be the same magnetic hygiene necessary to prepare your land for blissful kids dancing barefoot touch permissively in mud).

Labyrinths and rain making:

A labyrinth is a way of aligning long wave magnetics to teach them to dimple, and to tornado, and to turn inside out. This takes long magnetic lines - which have gone in a line too long and become PATHOLOGICAL - and teaches them to get spun out in a circle. This permission to touch - creates compression. AND COMPRESSION IS NATURES ULTIMATE WAY OF SORTING OUT EVERYTHING!

It is important if you wish to learn some important tools of labyrinth and stone circle making at this point - that you study some of the visuals etc. at:

labyrinth how?

Steps to making your labyrinth:

1. Learn to make a simple map of the major magnetic lines on your land. If you have no clue how to feel a magnetic line, by all means consult a dowser - but remember 2 things:

a.) If you CANNOT feel magnetism then YOU CANNOT FEEL!

& b.) It is OK to begin your dowsing with a rod or pendulum but always aim to eventually feel magnetism directly with your body (this avoid un-healthy dissociation of you from you tools)

Clues to your magnetic lines are - where the grass is greener, where trees have forked low, in a row, where stones and paramagnetic structures have made lines in the distance, where natural features - rivers, streams, mountains - have started a pattern of magnetic flow near your land.

(Remember a magnetic map of everyone's bed in your family is probably the greatest health restoring tool you have - AND that if your BLISS is to be sustainable - when you begin to implode - suck your whole electrical environment into your body rapidly - THEN your back yard must magnetically look like a rose - otherwise your bliss will 'drive you nuts'.. be un-sustainable.)

Once you have the CROSS point of magnetic lines - you probably have a clue to where the underground magnetism and water most likely have their greatest vertical or upwelling dimple. This is called a water ('gnome') dome or djed. You are about to Raise the Djed into your Djed EYE - by drawing the sword of magnetism from your stone.

When water takes this blind spring upward underground following magetism - your have the makings for Catherdral - which means - place of leverage on the blood (Catheter) of (Cathartic) magnetism.

The central place or tree structure which orients the underground water and magnetism in this water dome (which also will be the implosive phire to attract the water from the sky) -

always produces branches which move ourward in a ODD NUMBER of directions.Water branches underground - like magnetism does- in these ODD numbers, because symmetry lines on a platonic solid always brand in ODD numbers. Water - NEEDS symmetry!!

You are learning this because in order to steer water, you need to know what it likes.

Next - MAKE A SIGN OF THE CROSS - where the magnetic 'blood' major cross upwells on your land -

(a good place to start is near wherever your land is closest to being still wild - if possible - elementals are more likely still alive there).

ONCE YOU HAVE MADE YOUR CROSS - LEARN THIS LITTLE PATTERN (think childish delight while you do it)..

Work N School

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