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Solar X-rays:
Geomagnetic Field:


July 12-13 :
Cancer New Moon

July 14 :

Bastille Day
The Clash of the Titans: Saturn vs Uranus,

We begin with the moon in leo conjuncting its North Node in the morning (13deg Leo)squares Saturn(15deg Taurus) at 1:18pm, and then opposes Uranus (15deg Aquarius) at 1:55pm, This is a major point when Saturn now squares Uranus in the most dense and entrenched part of the fixed signs.
Saturn is once again intent on overthrowing his father, the sky god.
The odds on this match are interesting. I would have to make Uranus the favorite due to home-field advantage. After all Uranus's purpose is evolutionary, giving us the opportunity to succeed in evolving beyond the contraints of the existing Paradigm.

The old world is fighting the new and the facade will crack along familiar fault lines. Change is often sudden and stressful.
Humanity as a whole, hopefully, will learn to adapt creatively with these upcoming changes.
Our intention with chronicles is to share with you insights and information that will assist all of us to land on our collective feet as we travel into the twenty first millenium.

July 15 :

Shamanic Venus Cycle

This very special Venus-Moon conjunction marks the rare eighth gate,suggesting the possible eighth-chakra activation.
The time window from then until the onset of retrograde on July 29 is a time when Humanity will have the opportunity to choose to tune into a focused global connective creativity.

The evolutionary portal is wide open now,

Humanity will open to new programs for world peace and planetary healing. This focus will include a specific design to finally Real-Eyes the need for implementing a new operating manual for Earth's Future evolutionary spiral.
Joy of Links: Sacred Geometry: Love

In Honor and in Memory
Of those who died at the peak of expressing
their Creative Light.
A deep lose for humanity's Kieu-Future.

The Death-Rebirth Struggle
Are you willing to be sponged out,erased, canceled,made nothing?
Are you willing to be made nothing?
dipped into oblivion?
If not, you will never really change.


July 16 :
Moon trines Jupiter(2deg Taurus)at 7:01pm, and then sextiles Mars (4deg Scorpio) at 9:56pm.
July 16, 10:00pm :

John kennedy's plane mysteriously falls into the sea.

July 28 :
Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse

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August 5, 10:00pm :
A Planatary Alarm is given. Major drought. Fresh drinking water is becoming scarce. Ozone layer alarm is sounded. Very bad Tuberculosis traveling to the northern continent with a vengence. "Let it Burn" says the Pirates. Mars and Saturn bump and grind Humanity's Logos. A time for developing your basic survival systems and "Be" prepared to protect that which is precious to you Heart-Soul.

August 11 :

The Grand Cross
August 11, 1999 Solar Eclipse
Learn more about the four fixed signs of the Zodiac,Taurus,Leo,Scorpio, and Aquarius. They are all involved, amping up the energy to a crescendo as the eclipse fully activates the Grand Cross.
(The Aug./Sept issue P.57: The
Mountain Astrologer Magazine)
The following mega-site has lots of things that are free.
This is a book lover's dream site:
Torot Decks etc. Access New Age

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Solar Eclipse: A Planetarium View

Astrological Information: Mountain Astrologer
Stop the Extinction
Earth Justice
Ozone: NASA Research

August 17 :
Moon in Scorpio Mercury conjuncts Saturn
Major Earthquakes: Many 1000's die in Turkey
Major earthquake in Greece
East Timor Violence-Genocide

August 26 :
Pisces Full Moon

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Russian blasts destroy large apartment buildings Crisis in Russia

September 20 :
Major Earthquake hits

National Earthquake Center

Earthquakes 101

Floods worsen in North Carolina

Major Hurrican News and Maps

September 25 :
Aries Full Moon
Adjusted Demi-flux is now ready,
But Hir Kieu "flow" is still in fluidic rememberences.

This Time is a grand opportunity for synergistic unions with all Earth stewards
Now is the time to reach out and connect with your friends and Soul mates.
Now is the time for all Caregivers and Nurturers to collectively synergize their efforts.
Now is the time to walk the Labyrinth

A Global Alarm is issued: Global Warming :

Giuliani: Nasty Man

NY Drenched with deadly Biological warFare Nerve Agent.
N.Y. Disease outbreak: Encephalitis : Biological Warfare Agent???: Over Reaction or coverup???

NY Health News

September 30:
Strong Earthquake 7.6 Hits Mexico City

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Mexican floods worsen causing massive health concerns
100's dead, 400,000 Homeless
Please help: Mexico Flood relief Call 1-520-622-3553

Volcanic Eruptions shake the Earth:
Current Global Volcanic

October 12 :
Human population reaches 6 Billion today!
Are We immortal conscious beings? : Seems to : Be

Life after Death : Consciousness Lives on says Scientists!
Scientist shows compelling proof of The Living Universe

October 29 :
Deadly Cyclone Batters India
150 MPH winds kills 100's 100,000 homeless

October 31 :

*The days of the dead*

Halloween 1999

The The Living Energy Universe
A Home for the Soul

217 Killed in Egypt Air Crash Off Nantucket...Again!

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November 4
Millions Marooned

Millions Homeless 100,000's dead Little Relief In East India

Quake shakes northwest Turkey
The reasons for
Turkey's siesmic suffering.

November 21
One Giant Step for Jiang's China

China on Sunday completed its first unmanned test of a spacecraft meant to carry astronauts, a breakthrough that could mean a manned mission is just months away.

China's secret manned spacecraft revealed


December 3

On the Duty for Civil Disobedience
Henry David Thoreau

Global Alarm - A Global Threat to Freedom of Choice.
A CyberSpace Virtual Conflict Between The WTO and the Electrohippies

......The WTO - World Trade Organization wants to solidify its successes, and grant itself even greater powers to dictate the law to democracies. If the WTO succeeds in Seattle, local and national governments will be less able to protect themselves against corporate policies, or to enact their own policies where these do not further free trade. Commerce will become the rule and everything else, including human rights, the exception.

Roll over, Beethoven - this blast is for you
Gamma-ray astronomers get a special star on their Christmas tree

Harm Reduction
Human Rights for the World's Drug Users

30,000 dead from mud slides in Venezuela. 100,000 Homeless

Many Earthquakes shake Earth into the year 2000

Brighest Full Moon in 133 years

National Earthquake Information Center

Near Real Time Earthquake List

December 24

Kidnapped Indian Airlines Kills many as Terrorist fight over Global weapon....

Hubble Telescope fixed on Christmas Day.

Y2K Y2K ??? Y2K Y2K
The whole world crosses Hir finger waiting for the Y2K syndrome to hit....?????

*_* > To Be Continued.......To Year 2000

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The Corrective adjustments of planetary distortions are ongoing.
So, it is suggested that one learns to be aware
of these distortions as best you can.
Soon we will have a special page that will address this issue directly. Until then, we will give brief indicators so you can continue followings the supporting links of Joy and Quantum Mind 2000.
Those of you who are maintaining a close communication with us will be notified through the "normal" channels.

The expression of "Leaping" is an interpretation of a Quantum Mind 2000 Consciousness utility that engulfs the whole umwelt(world-field) of Human thought forms.
To grok the Transpersonal realm we must Real Eyes consciousness in a new way.
We humans are synergistically nested in the preconception that consciousness is created within the human brain.
we strive to continue beyond that preconception in order to grasp that aspect of consciousness that exists outside of our individual lives and independent of us.
As we say, "Hir essence is not bound by matter."

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