Mid East Maps : Iraq, Afghanistan and surrounding countries

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Large 21" by 16" Map

Mid East - Afghanistan

Iraq, Afghanistan and surrounding countries

Updated and Hot off the Press.

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  • The map area stretches from Northeastern Africa (Sudan and Egypt) on the west to India on the east.

  • Special attention has been paid to update and provide details like cities in Afghanistan and surrounding countries not seen on many middle east maps, plus oil fields, major pipelines, and tanker routes!

  • THIS IS THE IDEAL EDUCATIONAL MAP to follow Arab, Islamic, and Muslim interests and activities in the Arabian Peninsula, Eastern Mediterranean, Asian Subcontinent, Persian Gulf, and Indian Ocean.

  • Our LARGE 16 inches X 21 inches MAP provides all the detail you'll need to find countries, cities, rivers, lakes, seas, oil fields, major pipelines, and tanker lines.

  • This large map is perfect for display next to a desk, on a wall, office modular wall, or on a door.

Presenting Photogapher

Luke Powell

At the moment I am in Pakistan working for the UN, photographing the camps and preparing to go into Afghanistan again. I have two new, long photo essays on my web site, and you would probably agree with much of what I have to say. For example:

The deminers know that they must put men on the ground in order to get the job done. The mechanical aids, transport systems, and explosives charges are all secondary. In the end they must risk the lives of a few good men in order to save those of women and children, old men and animals. Those who make war by bombing weaker nations from airplanes, do the reverse. They risk the lives of the innocent in order to save the lives of their own soldiers.

Would you help me get the word out that I have these two essays available. In many ways they are the distilation of thirty years of working on Afghan issues. The UN has helped me build my own site, because they want to use it as a resource.

Land Mine Causality of TalibanAfghanistan

During the years of the Afghan war with the Soviet Union, I circulated an exhibition called The Afghan Folio. This was a set of thirty-two color photographs done with a very difficult but fine printing method, the Dye Transfer process. I am not a war photographer, and I stayed away from Afghanistan during those years. However, in the spring of 2000 I had the time to make a trip to Central Asia, and I knew that the Taliban government controlled ninety percent of the country. I began to inquire about a return to Afghanistan, which I had not visited since 1978. Afghanistan, Kabul Luke Powell, 2001

Autum in Afghanistan

Special comments for the autumn of 2001: During the year 2000 I spent six months in Central Asia making photographs. From late August through October, I traveled throughout southern Afghanistan photographing minefields, effected communities, and minefield victims. In November I traveled into northern Afghanistan where I shot schools and IDP camps in Badakshan and the Panjsheer Valley. Under pressure from the United States, the United Nations and the Red Cross forbid US citizens who work for those organizations to go into Afghanistan. Had I been on staff with the UN and not a consultant working temporarily or paid by another NGO, I could not have gone there.

Other informative Photographic Sites of the Mid East

UPDATE: Amerikkkans at War

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