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Grokking The Vitality of Life

Many gardeners and farmers who grow their own food often have a spiritual connection to their relationship with "food." Its not the religious type of spiritual, but the soulular journey of their lives that is realized. Quality of nourishment, synergy of family relationships, and the self enriching of each and every moment.

This is realized by the special way they prepare and serve their meals. The "spiritual" content is recognized as a wisdom and a nurturing of the sharing. To "Break Bread" takes on a new meaning as the joy and inner warmth is shared. The lost art of "Supper" is now seen with Real Eyes.

More and more people are transforming their homes, from the manicured lawns and large garages into self-reliant eco- habitats. With a renewed inner vision, using their qualitized spiritual love for each other, their lifestyle is now based upon their new wisdom as they design and grow their future.

They become a self-reliant family.

Their homes now encompass small organic gardens, with new areas in their kitchens for wheatgrass, sprouts fresh juices, and vegetables that are freshly picked from the garden.

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Our Love is Greens and Growing

What makes this old way of living so unique is the addition of inexpensive automatic watering and lightening systems and many wonderful heirloom seed companies. With an automatic system and heirloom seeds, the home habitat soon becomes an enriching, nurturing environment for the whole family.

A special mindfulness is shared among family members, the feeling of "home" is shared as the veggies are picked, the meals prepared, together, all enjoy the freshness and incredible taste of garden picked delights.

This shared interest of self-reliance is often carried over to the family car which is more of a farm vehicle or a pick up truck. The recycling of trash and the proper disposal of harmful chemicals are top priorities.

A small fish pond is added to the organic garden area, and home raised fish is added to the meal. especially winderful is the biological water filter which changes the fish waste waters into nutrients for the plants in the garden. A true Organic system. The fish eat bugs all night long, and bacteria change their waste into nutrients for the plants that we eat..YUM! Magic!

Four hens can supply a family with 3 eggs a day, and Chicken manure is added to enrich the soil. THE CHICKENS EAT THE WEEDS and the egg yolks turn rich orange...YUM! more magic!

The endless possibilities of being self-reliant is an amazing spiritual Grokking to experience. We are so indoctrinated in the "supermarket" mentality mind-set and often forget that "Fresh" really means Eating Spiritual Intelligence...Grok?

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Grokking Love: Growing Spiritual Intelligence
Growing Spiritual Intelligence

Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food

1. BUY ORGANIC: Buy and / or grow organic produce and ingredients. Fresh, locally grown organic fruits and vegetables carry the strongest charge. They contain more vitamins, minerals and other nutrients than conventionally grown produce.

Buying conventionally grown foods pollutes and weakens the earth and our bodies. The choice to buy only organic food will be clear if we are operating from our prosperity consciousness, our integrity and self-love.

2. USE FRESHLY CUT PRODUCE: After washing and cutting vegetables, vital Ki starts to disperse, and the decomposition of the vegetables is accelerated. Therefore, vegetables should be cut just prior to cooking (or as close as possible). This aspect of "maximum vitality cooking" can be incorporated easily into your cooking routine.

3. PROCESS BY HAND: The use of electrified, motorized machines to clean, cut or process food should be minimized. The electromagnetic field created by motors interferes with the natural flow of Ki along the meridians of grains, beans, fruits and vegetables, giving them a chaotic, disorganized energy. Maintaining this flow of energy along their meridians supports the flow of energy along the meridians in our bodies. This gives us enhanced energy levels and a delicious sense of well-being.

In addition, the long-term use of this equipment can be harmful to the operator who is subjected to a strong electromagnetic field.

4. EAT VARIETY: Variety is the key to a well-balanced meal. Variety in vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, cutting styles, cooking styles, dishes, color, texture, taste, complexity, seasoning, garnishes and presentation are all important considerations. If we repeatedly eat the same things, we run the risk of emphasizing some energies over others and develop a condition of stuck energy in some areas and excess energy in other areas within the body. Variety of food creates dynamic energy that moves in the body from one organ to the other and from one system to the other. It is this free flow of energy which supports health.

5. EAT WHOLE FOODS: Eat foods that are minimally processed. Highly processed, mechanized, pasteurized and homogenized foods contain no or small amounts of Ki. When whole grain is made into a flour, for example, the oils soon oxidize and become rancid; of greater importance is that the flow of Ki within that grain is dispersed and lost. Eating dry cereal or even rolled oats for breakfast is not the best way to start the day, as these are examples of over-processed and devitalized foods. Processing lowers or eliminates a food's vital nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, enzymes and coenzymes.

6. EAT SEA VEGETABLES: Incorporate sea vegetables into various dishes, and prepare side dishes of sea vegetables like arame, hijiki and sea palm. Sea vegetables are high in minerals and trace minerals, are vital to a healthy metabolism, and keep our nervous and immune systems strong. Even organically grown foods lack important minerals due to soil depletion from over-farming the land. All soils are not created equal, and most are inherently lacking in some minerals like iron, selenium or iodine. Therefore, it is remiss to rely exclusively upon land vegetables to supply one's need for minerals.

7. EAT FERMENTED FOODS: Most, if not all, traditional cultures of the world incorporate some fermented foods into their diets. For example, the Germans pickle cabbage to make sauerkraut; the Japanese ferment plums to make umeboshi, soy beans to make miso, shoyu, and natto; and many European cultures ferment grapes to make wine and flour to make sourdough bread. Fermented foods maintain the beneficial bacteria in the digestive system. A healthy digestive system is the key to vibrant health; (hence the term "intestinal fortitude"). Beneficial bacteria and their byproducts work with the immune system to protect the body from harmful bacteria.

8. EXCLUDE DAIRY: Eliminate dairy products completely from your diet. The use of dairy in one's diet can be detrimental to one's health. This is well documented in Diet for a New America by John Robbins and many other books and studies. High concentrations of pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics and hormones have been found in dairy products.

On an energetic level, eating dairy products keeps us stuck emotionally and psychologically in an infant's paradigm. When an infant's teeth start to grow a mother weans her child. It is time for the child to begin deriving nutrients from food by first breaking the food down in its mouth through chewing. This is the child's first step towards independence.

On a physical level, why drink milk or eat a product made from it when we know milk is inherently for calves and their particular biological needs? I believe dairy products are not foods, and when we eat them we are making a mistake because we are in denial of the foods that made us uniquely human and continue to evolve humanity.

9. SERVE FRESH: To achieve maximum vitality, cooked foods should be served soon after being cooked. Just at the moment a dish is ready, it is at its peak Ki level. Soon this energy starts to disperse and the food starts to decompose. For maximum vitality, leftovers should not be more than 24 hours old. Grain and bean dishes can be reheated but vegetable dishes should not.

10. FINE-TUNE COOKING SKILLS: This includes not overcooking and not over-stirring food (creating a mishmash mush), and the proper use of a gas stove giving consideration to flame height. An understanding of the energetics of food and cooking styles is needed.

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Macrobiotic cooking classes and books address these concerns.

In time, with practice, knowledge and understanding you will achieve maximum vitality through food. Maintain the integrity of our food and our food will maintain the integrity of our bodies. Maintain the integrity of our bodies, and our bodies will maintain the integrity of our spirit.

Our Love is Greens and Growing

We will soon add to this page:
Our favorite heirloom seed companies.
A great way to setup your automatic watering system.
How to make the best manure tea.
How to inoculate your soil.
The true nature of Eating Spiritual Intelligence continues............

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