Grokking the Wonder of Consciousness

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Alien Invasion - M Theory

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What do we mean by "grokking"?

A brief definition of "Grok" :
To understand profoundly through intuition or empathy.

An extendid definition of "Grok":
To achieve an Intuitive Sense of encounter with an idea, an understanding, and surround it with your beingness of attention, To consume it's perspective, and understand it all at once, to see the wholeness "of a piece".. this is the "long wave" way of knowing, as opposed to atomized, piecemeal, fractionated dissections of knowing.. ie, the short wave spectrum of "knowing".

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The Wonder of Consciousness

Grokking Eyes asks:
"How Does humanity's Psi-Consciousness, function outside of the spacio-temporal laws of causality?"

"Are our conceptions of matter, space and time, and therefore of causality incomplete? If so, how do we achieve deeper insights and consenquently, abilities to evolve into our highest potential as synergistic beings?"

Grokking Eyes

Are we Wise enough to Be in synergy with the Wisdom of Nature?

Heart Coherence

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Way of the Peaceful Warrior
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The Secret Power of Music

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If Happiness is the absence of fever,
Then I shall never know happiness.
For I am possessed by a fever for knowledge,
experience and creation." - Anais Nin

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Humanity's most valuable possessions are Clean Water, clean Air and Trees
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