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Introductory Note from Selacia
- “On February 12, 2002, we begin what Chinese astrologers call a “Year of the Horse.” Each of the 12 animals in Chinese astrology has a different underlying symbolism. The horse symbolizes independence, confidence and a strong, physical energy.

When we have a horse year, experienced each 12 years, it can be a time taking decisive action on our goals and dreams. Entrepreneurial efforts - and those involving independence and freedom - are highlighted and can flourish. In horse years, there is often a focus of building upon the strengths and interests we have cultivated in previous cycles.

Previous horse years also have often been historical turning points, marked by events like the Great San Francisco Earthquake (1906), World War I (1918), The Great Depression (1930), World War II (1942) and the Chinese Cultural Revolution (1966). For this month’s message, I have asked The Council of 12 to address the energies of 2002, and to provide us with some guideposts of how to move forward with the most ease and grace at this pivotal time.”

During this coming year, more than any other you have experienced in this lifetime, you will want to consider the importance and meaning of freedom.

The freedom referred to here is much more than politics and your rights as a world citizen. To be sure, in your physical world, freedom is often defined in terms of your enjoying personal liberty and being free from slavery and from control by political dictatorial regimes.

From this perspective, terrorists and villains such as Osama bin Laden are labeled as dangerous threats to freedom.

They are labeled as the enemy of all mankind.

Your TRUE enemies, from the spiritual perspective, are not the two-legged kind, but include:


These are the real enemies that block your ability to be free. However, they are so much a part of your human experience that it is not an easy task to obliterate them. You are deeply conditioned to believe that these enemies are a natural part of being human.

The TRUE freedom which all of you seek, whether you know it or not, is to be free from the bondage of this typical human condition.

What does it mean to be in bondage?

It means, simply, that you are not free.
You are not conditioned to be independent.

Instead, your conditioning reinforces your fears and provides constant false reminders that you are separate from everyone and everything around you. A few examples are given here.

You are in bondage to the seemingly never-ending cycles of pain and suffering.

By continuing to act out of ignorance, and causing harm to others, you create even more cycles of pain and suffering for yourself. Individuals do this. World leaders do this. Groups of people do this.

Countries do this. Each time you respond to situations by blaming others, by feeling hatred towards others or the Self, or by responding with retribution or malice, you continue the cycle of the pain.

By attaching to and identifying with the pain - just as you become attached to a worn pair of very comfortable shoes - you provide the fuel that attracts even more pain into your life. Sometimes you wear the pain like a badge of honor, proudly proclaiming to others the extent and depth of your pain.

The more that you complain about the pain in this way, focusing your attention on what you DON’T want rather than on what you DO want, you magnetize even more of this pain into your experience.

You are in bondage to fear and doubt, allowing these negative reactions to life to create false pictures of your reality. Each time you give in to the fear, rather than facing and overcoming the fear, you distance yourself from the love that is your true nature. Each time you doubt, questioning whether you are loved, you separate yourself from the love that you ARE.

You are in bondage to your desires, allowing them to dictate how you spend your time and energy. Your desires are fueled by your human personality that will always want more because it can never have enough.

If you act on your human insatiable desires, you can only be disappointed. Living life from the reference point of these desires keeps you in bondage.

You are not free, because you are operating from a reference point of lack and incompleteness. That part of you that feels lacking or incomplete can never be made whole by acquiring what you think you want or need. Your desires will fool you, at times causing you to feel that you MUST have something your neighbor has, even when this thing is not suitable for you and your path. How many times have you found yourself wanting something ONLY after noticing that someone else has it?

Being in bondage in these ways is NOT your natural way of being. It is a fabricated response to a fabricated world of illusion. It is a mechanical state of consciousness that permeates your experience of human life. This state of consciousness makes you dependent instead of independent. This unnatural way of being CAN be transformed into one of awareness and freedom.

How do you move into freedom and discard the untruths that keep you dependent and in pain?

Thoughts - First, make it your priority that you closely monitor all of your thoughts.

It is your thoughts, after all, that cause you pain.

Nothing in your physical reality has the power to make you sad or mad or hurt.

It is your thoughts, and your reactions to life, that determine your mental and emotional states. Imagine that a part of yourself is perched on your shoulder, witnessing everything that you think.

Give that part of yourself - your silent witness - permission to bring to your attention the ongoing silent dialog you have within. Ask that part of yourself to report to you regularly, revealing your innermost thoughts about life situations. You may want to record some of the thoughts in a journal so that they seem more tangible and so you can remember them more easily.

Notice the things you think over and over again, for these thoughts reflect patterns in your belief systems. For example, when you think repeatedly that you are going to fail, you most likely have a core belief within you about failure.

Knowing this helps to bring the false belief to light for potential healing. You can then choose to work with healing modalities, such as DNA healing, to transform the negative belief into a positive one.

Speech - Second, remember to think before speaking, realizing that your words are powerful tools of creation. The words you speak are reflective of your belief systems. Pay attention to the words you speak to your loved ones, colleagues and strangers.

Allow your silent witness to bring to your awareness the content of your spoken words, revealing to you the patterns in your belief systems. Ask for Divine guidance to help you transform your fear-based speech patterns into the language of Divine light and love.

If you do find yourself saying something that is destructive, avoid going into judgment and resolve to immediately shift the focus of your words to a positive tone.

Intent - Third, be clear about what you intend to create for yourself. For this exercise, it is optimal to focus on what you intend to create, rather than on what you would like to change.

It is helpful to have an ongoing list of your intentions. You may want to divide the list into categories. It is useful to be as specific as possible when you list your intentions. As you are thinking of the specifics, consider having all of your senses involved, imagining how you will feel, what it will sound like and what it will look like. Remember to ask for what you truly want, focusing your attention on the desired outcome rather than on the illusionary potential failure.

Move past any fears of expressing your intent outwardly in the world. It may be helpful to speak the intentions out loud, for yourself, before speaking them in the world.

Decisions - Fourth, ask yourself what decisive actions you are willing to take to follow through on your intentions. It can be helpful to write down a list of the actions you will take.

If you feel you are procrastinating or otherwise blocked from taking action, inquire within to understand why. Remember that Divine timing is not the same as human timing. If you have acknowledged your willingness to take a decisive action, and then you feel blocked to take that action, it could be in the timing. Ask your angelic helpers and other nonphysical guides to give you guidance about the appropriate timing.

If the timing is not yet right and you feel impatient, ask your guides for help with patience and for a larger view of the situation. You can also ask your guides for courage in taking decisive action once the appropriate time has come.

Motivation - Fifth, consider your motivations. Ask yourself questions such as the following to get in touch with your motivations.

Ask for Divine guidance that will reveal the ego-driven motivations behind your desires. Some examples of questions you may want to ask include:

What really motivates my desire for success? Why do I crave having a soulmate in my life? Why do I seek spiritual enlightenment? What motivates my desire to be popular? Why do I want an expensive car or home? Why do I crave power and feelings of being powerful?

Take some time to reflect on the answers you receive intuitively when asking questions such as these. Consider inviting the Divine to assist you during your dream state, bringing to your awareness a higher view of what it means to be really free.

Ask for Divine guidance to help keep you on track in your pursuit of real freedom and independence.

These are among the steps you can take to begin claiming your independence in these days ahead. As you consider the steps, consider the importance of freedom for your own life. What are you willing to let go of in order to be independent or free? How might you be willing to shift your priorities on a daily basis to achieve this freedom?

Transmitted through Selacia * Copyright 2002 * All Rights Reserved

Selacia is an Intuitive, Certified DNA Healing Practitioner/Teacher, Spiritual Counselor and Director of The Golden Way Communication for Transformation Group in Santa Monica, CA.

She is internationally known for her work in the inspirational/transformation field. In her first book, The Golden Edge, readers are provided with guideposts and cutting-edge tools for moving out of fear and into joy and wholeness.

She provides private telephone intuitive readings and DNA activations/healings to clients all around the world. In 2000, she brought the Council of 12's wisdom to the UNSRC's Society for Enlightenment and Transformation at the United Nations.

She offers ongoing teachings and workshops in DNA healing and other spiritual discliplines.

Contact information for Selacia: Communication for Transformation Group 3111 Fourth Street, #219 Santa Monica, CA 90405, USA Tel: (310) 915-2884 * Fax: (310) 664-6093 E-mail: Web site:


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