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Blossoms of Joy

ME and I

Ghost Owl

Is consciousness confined only to egocentric self-concepts?

Existential identity is practical in terms of coping with the ordinary tasks of living in the world, just as Newtonian physics is practical for building bridges.

However, exclusive identification with the existential self as an independent entity makes no sense in view of states of consciousness that transcend ordinary space/time limitations and operate in a reality that is more aptly described in the language of subatomic physics...

Consciousness and Sacred Geometry   Studies

Winter solstice 5540 BC - Summer Solstice 2113 AD

The Natural Balance

  1. Nurturer: Mother nine
  2. Sacred geometry: Father Five
  3. Source: The One's of First Thought

Chronicle: 5540 BC:
Winter solstice: The Storm

Water, Water everywhere: precious Psi-Kieu droplets


Myneku's Light enters into Humanity's evolutionary stream. The Plantary Logos accelerates changes within the fractal "love" expression. Humanity now begins to take Hir next step into Love's Wisdom and Beauty's archetypal forms of Wellness, special quality of insight given to form,and harmonious, synergistic pathways to Love's vehicles for Nurturing.
Terra's (Earth's) spectrums are now perceived from a higher consciousness.


Mirra Twan's photonic spectrum becomes synergistic with Earth's Soil; Myneko's Soul-Kieu evolutions are complete and fulfilled.
The physical and psychical levels of consciousness are perfected and the impetus is now a single cosmic purpose: To adjust the Demi-flux!

Gynzu enters into the current stream of Hu-man affairs nurturing, protecting and guiding The One's through the "storm"; the catastrophic events soon to appear upon Terra's evolutionary flux.

The Crested Head
Raises to See
From Hir Spiraled-Lair,
Wings catch the Wind
And Real-Eyes soar,
The furnace of
Hir Chi glows
As droplets of Ecstatic Wisdom
Cluster upon Hir winged way.

Existence Dwells Upon Solitude

Existence: 5540 BC : Span 3 : The One's of First-Thought

I yelled at Mirra Arden, "Look at those clouds!"
Simultaneously, as she looked towards the heavens a crack of thunder and a brilliant flash of lightening greeted Hir gaze. Never before have we experienced such weather conditions in the spiral flux. Our eyes meet in grokking expectation. "What do you make of it Myn-Ek-Kieu?", she yelled. Hearing hir words was very difficult. We were both automatically energizing our star map; the "Con-SidHUs" was forming. Our communication with Mirr'a Twan was an instinctual response. Arden & I grokked what was about to happen,
and this time we knew that we were prepared for Hir.

We remained still and in "wait" as the spiral flux warped around us ...

Existence: 5540 BC : Span 5 : Nowness

... "We're being divided again.", I yelled back to her.
Mirra Arden nodded her head in agreement.
The bonding fields were very perceptible.
We sat motionless, grokking the intent of the One's of First Thought.
We were ready for the Transmutation.
One becoming three, three becoming One.

Terra : Natural Balance 9/5/1 : 2001 AD: All the Toads are dying

Existence: 5540 BC : 2013 AD: Soul Consciousness

  1. One's of First Thought
  2. Quantum Mind 2000
  3. Fire Sprites: Joyous Ritual

Existence: Evolutionary Consciousness: Soul Bonding

The Violet ray enfolds Humanity's Self-memory:

Please go to "Wise Species" For background info and then to Tutorial to introduce the principles of the ecstatic Process which excels in achieving the highest quality of evolutionary consciousness and for repairing damaged genetic Psi-bondings.

This activity of centering mind into body and perception in such a way as to bring all awareness into the present results in a concentric wave nesting of the "fractal attractor" of attention.

This phase locks or brings to focus at one point, waves of increasing cascades of different length. In quantum or wave terms, this engages the principle of self-organization among pressure waves which occurs whenever they are brought to focus. This is because in wave interference patterns drawn to the focal point attracted by symmetry, order self replicates, and disorder SELF-destructs.

Ecstatic process uses the activities of symmetry making in the geometry of awareness, to get attention/awareness so focused or phase locked that worlds within worlds of wave length and "embodiment" converge to share inertia or mind.

The symmetry or pattern making activity necessary to attract this critical "mass" of awareness or wave front centers is enacted in the human condition on rollercoasters, in dance and ritual, in sexuality, tantra and kundalini, etc. When we get a handle on the inertia centers of wave fields of increasing size, we can make our feelings felt in larger worlds.

The wave geometry or shape of feelings, thus get leverage eventually upon whole Bio-regions, planets, ... longer waves. When we attempt to gain this symmetry making power among waves externally by adding symmetry to synapse with chemically induced ecstatcy we make certain sacrifices. Unable to fabricate our own ecstacy, we induce a fraction of the chemistry which normally just mediates instead of induces the superconduction in the brain.

Brain coherence without the resonance linkage and pure intention to the larger mind, is like a top spun up without first balancing the spin point. Only the heart has enough symmetry to lock/touch the pressures and prepare the field. Human cells, and human cultures cannot survive without the informing context of disciplined ecstatic process. Formerly ecstacy was taught only by religion and cults.

Now, as cancer and AIDS spread exactly where cultural ecstacy and Joyous Ritual are forgotten, we must teach this outer and inner spiritual dance because the lives of our children depend on it and the Quality of Humanity's future will be defined by the Joy-Ecstacy dance that we do with each other.

Current Issues: Freedom
Donald E. Watson Is Homo sapiens sapiens a Wise Species? Also: Darwin's Lost Theory of Love

A Cree Prophesy

Only after the last tree has been cut down,
Only after the last fish has been caught,
Only after the last river has been poisoned,
Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.

The Sun Chronicles are insights, Real-Eyesed from grokking synchronicities,
experiences from Grokking the Planatery changes, and Nature's Wisdom thereby allowing the Transpersonal paradigm's creativity to give the following Information......This Page is presently continued as a Journey's Flight , of Ghost Owl.

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