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August Mist Sunset

Framed August Mist Photograph

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The scent of chaparral enriches the spirit as misty veils of rain dries before touching the earth.

During this special time, the desert is lush with vegatation. A wide diversity of Grasses and cactus flowers are blooming.
Desert wildflowers everywhere!
And mesquite and palo verde trees offering their sweet seed pods.

A wonderful time for sharing with loved ones; gardening, reading, contemplation, or a long quiet walk. Days like this are filled with Serenity and a sense of nurturing for all of the desert's creatures. August Mist is truly, a time of harvest and contemplation. A true living AUM in the Desert!

August Mist Gifts

Sunset Collection Gifts
Size: Large 23in x 32in
Black Metal Frame
Price $340.00
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Size: Medium 14in x 18in
Black Metal Frame
Price $140.00
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Product Information:

We guarantee product quality satisfaction.
The Sunset photographic print sizes are 11 inches by 22 inches, or 8 inches by 12 inches.
Our photographic sunset prints are mounted on acid free, double matt board.
We offer our Sunset photographs in a Large Black, 23 inches by 32 inches metal frame,
Or a Medium Black, 14 inch by 18 inch metal frame ready to hang.

Order Information:

Orders for our Framed Sunset Photographic Prints will be custom made when we receive your order.
We require full payment before we make your framed print.
This process may take up to a few weeks depending on the photographic print and custom requirements.
Shipping and handling costs for the framed prints will be discussed with you during this time.
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